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A Celebration of British Craftsmanship’ by Julian Calder and Karen Bennett, in support of The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (October 2018)

You can read about this book, featuring Tom, and order your copy here.

Country Life Magazine - Living National Treasure (September 2018)

‘You make this beautiful object, but you don’t know if you’ve been successful until you put the strings on. That’s the moment when it comes alive.’

The North American Guitar - Welcoming Tom Sands Guitars (July 2018)

‘Tom's guitars have earned the acclaim of players, builders and clients alike with meticulously honed designs informed by an equally skilled hand for woodwork, as well a musical ear.’

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James’s Home of Tone - Meet The Maker (March 2018)

‘Working for myself, working directly with my clients, with my suppliers I am engaged from the second that first enquiry drops into my inbox, right up til delivery day and often well beyond.’

Guitar Fair Magazine - February 2018

‘Minimalista y refinado’.

SCRUBD - Master of the Month - November 2017

‘A custom built guitar is like the tailor made suit. It fits perfectly, or at least it should if the Luthier has done their job right.’