Build Diary - 'Kealia' - Model L in Koa / Swiss Moon Spruce - Part 3 / by Tom Sands

As we discussed in part 1, Kealia is the name of a particular area of land that grew the Koa tree from which she is made. It was only fitting that the neck should be Koa, too.

DSC_4707 2.jpg

As for the properties - Koa has a good stiffness, is lightweight, a pleasure to work and has gorgeous grain that will look beautiful under lacquer. The juxtaposition of Koa in this guitar, with the theme of the Sistine blue rosette, will be (if we do say so ourselves) very fetching indeed. To make the most of this rare timber we’ve laminated the heel and scarf jointed the neck taking care to use consecutive pieces in the heel and to match top the grain lines perfectly for a seamless look and perfect stability.

Shaping the neck is critical step in the process. It takes time, requires patience and quiet focus and has to be right. The neck is the primary interface between you and the guitar, it should fit like a glove. Every curve and line should flow seamlessly into the next, it should feel almost invisible. Our aim is to remove every bit of ‘friction’ between your compositional ideas and the sounds that eventually bloom from the guitar.

DSC_7652 2.jpg

Kealia is away at the finishers now - we’ll be getting her back very soon so we can give you the grand reveal.

What’s your favourite part of Kealia?

TS <3