Weekly Roundup / by Tom Sands

This weekend we were at the RMMGA down south, and we HAVE to kick off the Weekly Roundup with this Shop Session we did with Clive Carroll. His rendition and arrangement of ‘Goodbye Porkpie Hat’ by Charles Mingus is absolutely jaw-dropping. It was such an honour to have Clive play his piece on this Model L in Cedar and Madagascar Rosewood.

We also had time to enjoy a full set by Clive Carroll, and another by Mike Dawes. We were pretty floored by both, and it reminded us that we should probably learn something beyond Blackbird in Daisy’s case and various slap bass riffs in Tom’s…

‘Hey Tom d’you know Wonderwall’

‘Hey Tom d’you know Wonderwall’

Thanks to everyone involved for such an incredible weekend! After recovering from our various hangovers, it was nice to crack on with the upcoming builds for the rest of the week. The Model M in ‘The Tree’ and Swiss ‘Moon’ Spruce is nearing neck time, as is the Model M in Cocobolo and Swiss ‘Moon’ Spruce. Here are some photos of progress…

These new sets of wood are settling in nicely, too - stay tuned for more!

These new sets of wood are settling in nicely, too - stay tuned for more!

Of course, we couldn’t resist doing another Shop Session this week after feeling so inspired by Clive - so we organised an impromptu session with fellow Yorkshireman Justin Manville. We’re so excited to release the footage - recorded at the Broughton Hall Estate. Thanks Justin!


Have a great week!

TSG <3