Halfway Through Already? / by Tom Sands

A lot has happened already this year, so if you've been on a social media detox, here's a little recap from the TSG family. Thanks to everyone for their continued support of what we do.


We kicked off the year with a very special delivery - the Will McNicol Signature Model S. We have a whole host of footage and sessions of this guitar in action over on our YouTube channel - check it out here. He has named his guitar 'Jupiter' after the Black Limba seeming reminiscent of the planet's 'swirling gas clouds'. Will played a house concert on Jupiter when we visited Paris in February, which you can also see on our YouTube channel.


We were also so thrilled to partner up with John Smedley in celebration of their 235 years of making the finest knitwear in the world, as ambassadors of British craftsmanship. John Smedley's Jermyn Street store featured a Tom Sands Guitars window display during London Craft Week, and hosted an exclusive Sound x Vision event with a talk about what we do, followed by a performance from Will McNicol on Jupiter.


We're also so happy to have launched a series of 'SHOP SESSIONS' this year. We've invited some of the best local (and sometimes far-flung) talent to the workshop to record guitarists and singers of different genres, to celebrate musicianship and bring luthier and players together. We have a whole host of these new videos on our YouTube channel, be sure to check them out if you haven't already!


While all this has been taking up a large part of our time, you'll be pleased to hear Tom has made time for making sawdust, too. This year has seen the conception of some beautiful projects that he's very proud of, including the experimental 'White Label' Model S. It was an exercise in monocoque construction, using a braceless back laminated with Nomex honeycomb. The result is a lighter instrument with no compromise on the stiffness of the back. Watch the video about the Model S and see it in action over on our YouTube channel. It features a gorgeous set of Santos Rosewood (Pau Ferro) against Sitka Spruce (see below, top left).

2019 has also seen the completion of the very first Model M. This guitar is both of our favourites to date - it was sad to see it go! Check out the gallery of photos here - (or see below, bottom left). You can also see photos of it being built in the 'From The Workshop'section of the website.


This year has also yielded the hardest project Tom has ever worked on - a Baritone Fanfret Model L. 'Beverly', so named because of her rib and arm bevels, held nearly all of the specifications offered. We delivered the guitar recently to a happy client, after a long and passionate collaboration. (See above, bottom right).

And finally, the conception of a Model M in 'The Tree' must have a mention. If you're not familiar with the story of this extraordinary wood, you can read all about it over on our blog. It's pretty amazing. (See above, top right).


We're also excited to announce that Daisy has been awarded an Apprenticeship scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST). This will enable her to continue her studies over the next two years here at Tom Sands Guitars and become a formal Apprentice.


There are so many exciting projects and events lined up for us this year, so if you'd like to keep up to date, don't forget to follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and subscribe to our blog and podcast. We've got some exciting people coming up to be interviewed on the podcast in Season 2, so look out for that! We can't wait to share our work with you over the next few months.

We hope your 2019 has been a lovely one thus far.