Weekly Roundup / by Tom Sands

The highlight of this week was doing a podcast episode with Anne of All Trades. You can catch up on that here. Hearing her story was super inspiring for us, and we hope it was for you too. And, of course, we asked her the important questions we need answering…


We also released footage of one of the debut Model M guitars upon completion. You can catch up on that below, where Tom discusses what the Model M can do, who it’s for, and why he personally feels so attached to this guitar in particular. In fact, Tom explains that ‘It’s the guitar I’d spec for myself’. 


Meanwhile, ‘The Tree’ Model M nears completion, and to celebrate this exciting occasion, we’ve documented it from it’s conception in a photo-heavy build diary. Check out part 3 which aired this week on the blog. Plenty of exclusive photos you won’t have seen on any of our other social media channels - as if you needed an excuse to look at pictures of “The Tree”… find it here!

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.13.03.jpg

In other news, we’re fast approaching our Open Day. Don’t miss out, get in touch for more details.

We hope this week’s content can enhance and bring value to your weekend. Enjoy!