Weekly Roundup / by Tom Sands

Last week, we had the amazing John Smedley team in the shop to work on a very exciting project. We can’t reveal too much right now, but here is a ‘behind the scenes’ shot to keep you going…


We’re also very excited to share photos of a new Model M build in “The Tree” and Swiss “Moon” Spruce. You might notice from these pictures that a different approach is being taken - and it involves something called ‘Nomex’. Nomex honeycomb is a composite constructional material made from aramid fibre paper coated in phenolic resin. When sandwiched between two substrate layers you end up with a structure with an extremely high strength to weight ratio. Just the kind of structure you want in acoustic guitar building.


We are excited to also announce that we’ll be putting out a podcast next week with Ann from Ann of All Trades - you will be able to find that on all our social media channels and all your favourite podcast services very soon!

Have a great week!