Weekly Roundup / by Tom Sands

This week marked the first week back in the shop of 2019! A very Happy New Year from TSG.

The woodwork was rounded off on the two Model Ms, one a 12 fret “The Tree” / Swiss “Moon” Spruce, the other a 14 fret in Spalted Maple / Redwood. They were treated to a photoshoot, capturing these amazing woods freshly sanded to perfection with all the care and detail they deserve. It’s off to the finishers for both of them very soon - an exciting way to begin a new year!

IMG_0563 2.jpg
IMG_0458 2.jpg

After a bit of time out of the shop around the holidays, no time was wasted in the shop this week as the Baritone Model L in Ovangkol / Swiss “Moon” Spruce edged it’s way closer to the voicing process, and the initial shavings taken from the bracing have begun to litter the workshop floor. By the end of next week, the voicing process will hopefully be complete and the ball set in motion for the box to be shut, the neck to be carved and the fretboard to be glued. We’re really excited to see how this baritone will sound.


On Thursday, we also recorded Episode 6 of ‘The Interval’, our lutherie podcast, the first of the new year. Check it out when it goes live on Monday! Thursday also brought us a wonderful package from our friends at Lie Nielsen Toolworks. The workshop is now kitted out with LN merch, what a lovely end to a traditionally gloomy first week of January!


Next week will also hopefully be time to think about the new projects beginning very soon, and prepare the shop for a new batch of exciting builds..