Weekly Roundup / by Tom Sands

Another week, already?

It’s usually a busy working week in the Tom Sands Guitars workshop, but this one seems to have flown faster than usual…


The progress on a Baritone Model L commenced, and the box is now shut and awaiting binding. The response after the voicing process when tapping the top was quite something - it’s one to get excited about!

IMG_1701 2.jpg

Tidying up the sides is next.

In the blog section this week we looked at another prestigious designer after Dieter Rams had his three part focus. Admiring Rams’s focus on minimalism, we looked at Mies van der Rohe, who worked by similar principles in terms of ‘less is more’. His focus on materials is particularly important to his philosophy, and writing a blog post discussing his attitudes and how they could relate to guitar making was a thought provoking exercise. See below for the full post.

Our podcast ‘The Interval’ will be held in a very special location and with some very special guests this week. Tune in Saturday to our instagram stories to hear more. We are very excited to have our first guests on the podcast!

We hope you have had as lovely a week as we have!