Weekly Roundup / by Tom Sands

It’s the end of another jam-packed week. The big news to acknowledge this week is that our resident shop dog, Juno, graduated from puppy class yesterday. A round of app-paws for Juno.


The two M builds have progressed this week, and the neck carving process is underway. The mahogany used for the necks comes from an old staircase, and it is proving nearly as stubborn and hard as the wenge to carve. When carving a neck, like any process, the intentions for the design of an instrument is at the forefront of the mind. We’ve uploaded the third and final instalment of our discussion of Dieter Rams’s 10 Principles of Good Design’ and how it relates to guitar making. Check out the link to the previous post at the bottom of this page.

IMG_9859 2.jpg

And while you’re at it, we recorded the fourth episode of the podcast ‘The Interval’ yesterday evening. It’s available now for a more verbal update of our week, with answers to the questions everyone sent in. We received a huge response that we were not expecting, so thank you to everyone who has been keeping up and listening to or watching the podcast episodes. Much appreciated!

As we draw towards Christmas and the New Year, our next and final podcast of the year will be about looking back at 2018 and it’s highlights, and setting goals for the New Year. If you’d like to contribute your own highlights and goals, we’d love to hear and discuss them on next week’s podcast. Please send us a message, or comment below in order to participate.

We hope everyone had a great week. Time to wrap up these Model Ms! TS