Weekly Roundup / by Tom Sands

The two Model S guitars are all set!

A rare appearance of the winter sun through the blinds made a good excuse to capture them proudly hung on the go-bar deck awaiting lacquer.


While those builds are sent to the finisher, it’s time to create some necks for the closed Model M boxes. The Spalted Maple / “Lucky Strike” is being twinned with some reclaimed antique staircase mahogany. No more shall it be walked all over, however - I have a great feeling about this one.

Also getting one of these mahogany necks is the other Model M in Swiss Moon Spruce / “The Tree”. It’s been mostly about preparing this gorgeous wood into necks this week, cutting the mortice and tenon, routing the truss rod and graphite reinforcement channels.

IMG_1334 2.jpg

We have an exciting event lined up that deserves a mention in this week’s Weekly Roundup, because much of this week has also been spent in anticipation and planning. The North American Guitar are hosting the official launch of their partnership with Tom Sands Guitars. It’s an enormous pleasure to call them our European representatives, and I hope to see everyone there! There will be a Q&A with yours truly, as well as Will McNicol being on hand to demo some of my guitars.

A few tickets are still available here.

Have a great weekend!